London Focus:'s not all Tennis

Wimbledon is a suburban district of London and although most areas of London have some claim to fame wimbledon is ranked right up there as it is home to the annual Lawn Tennis Chamionships of World wide renown.
It's an attractive and green area contain a lovely common also made famous by some strange Womble characters who lived there cleaning up the place in a kids TV show back in the 70s and 80s. They were clearly on the cutting edge of the recycling wave that would soon become far more important and all pervasive around the country and indeed the globe.

As a very old part of London, its been around since the iron age, Wimbledon's housing stock has developed gradually over the years and it's green suburban nature make it one of the more expensive suburban areas to live and buy in London in fact houses that cost just a few hundred thousand pounds 10-20 years ago now change hands for literally millions!

One odd aspect to Wimbledon is that its sort of divided by a rather steep hill with part of it being the rather villagey "on the hill" and the rest of it being the slightly more mundane "down the hill" main town bit. Nevertheless Wimbledon has a very pleasant and lively feel to it and is always a nice place to visit a restaurant or pub for a bite and pint. After a hard day's oven cleaning of course!